– Our Story –

The concept of FED BY ED, beyond the silly rhyming of the name itself, was new twists on familiar flavors. It wasn’t enough to make good food, it was about making good food that was interesting as well. The kind of thing that would not only draw curious eaters in, but get them excited about trying something that’s recognizable and being presented in a while new light. Distilled, we make sandwiches and chips. It’s simple enough, but it tells only part of the story.

We pride ourselves on fresh ingredients and making as much as we can from scratch. From our bleu cheese dressing to our 14-hour slow roasted pulled pork to slicing potatoes the day of an event and cooking as much as we can to order, we pride ourselves on making sure the food we sell is of the highest quality. It it’s something we’re going to demand when we dine out, we make sure it’s something we’re willing to do as well.